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30 Beauty Tips
May 8, 2011 5:05 PM


1. The very fundamental of a perfect base makeup

Hydration before makeup application is the most important secret for a successful base makeup. Apply skin lotion to your whole face, at least 3 times, using the body temperature of your palm or fingers. Apply another layer to dry areas. The skin will plump up, smooth out and become clear, thus the foundation can be applied easily and smoothly.

2. How to instantly achieve smooth and easy applying skin

If for some reason your skin is dull, let a cotton pad soak as much lotion as possible, pull off thin layers of the pad and place them as a facial pack for 5 minutes. You will restore your skin’s fineness and smoothness!! If you’re out of cotton pads, use a tissue.

3. How to deal with very dry skin

If your skin is very dry, apply a small amount of cream after your skincare. Spread the cream in the palm of your hands and wrap your face with both hands, warming the skin with body temperature. The cream will seal the applied skincare throughout the day, and as a result, allow your makeup to stay on better.

4. How to always achieve successful base makeup

The cleansing of the night before is the first step for makeup in the next morning. Always remove your makeup completely and allow plenty of moisture retention. No matter how sleepy you are, cleansing is vital in keeping your skin in good condition, thus preparing your skin for makeup the next morning.

5. Emergency speed skincare, in case you’ve overslept

At times like this, place a facial mask sheet, such as the FUTURE DIFFERENCE MOIST WRAP MASK, after washing your face! While richly moisturizing your face for 10 minutes, have your breakfast or prepare yourself for work. Your face will plump up and be ready for makeup. By placing the mask sheet in your refrigerator, the coolness will help close your pores and at the same time help you wake up – it’s the “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” technique.

6. If you’ve noticed your pores in the morning before applying your makeup…

Apply the PORE TREATMENT GEL after applying plenty of lotion first! Also, you can place refrigerant gel packs, those that come with a cake box, on your cheeks to close your pores.

7. If you’ve noticed sagging or the nasolabial fold…

Face sagging actually comes from the scalp. Massage upwards from eyebrows to forehead, from forehead to hairline, and from hairline to the back of your head. Conduct this massage daily to prevent sagging skin!

8. Smooth makeup techniques for rough skin

If you’ve applied moisturizing cream with daily skincare and your skin still feels rough, mix moisturizing cream to your base coat. This will provide moisture to your skin and allow it to look fine and smooth.

9. Strategy for the big day!

If tomorrow is a big day and you want to make sure your makeup is successful and beautiful, make sure on the night before to apply extra cream at the end of your skincare as a face pack. Trap the skincare you’ve applied into your skin and allow the concentrated beauty component penetrate. Your skin will be plump and radiant in the morning.

10. What to do when you’re too sleepy

If you’re too sleepy at night and have no energy left for skincare, make sure to at least apply milky lotion. Milky lotion contains both water and oil that supplies the necessary moisturizing for your skin.


1. Aiming at achieving a model-like slim face

Use the WONDER SHAPER FOR FACE gel before applying your makeup, massage your face line towards the ears by pinching the jawbone with your index and middle fingers. This will reduce the swelling and slim down your facial outline.

2. Shine like a princess by using highlight!

After applying your makeup, place a small amount of SHIMMER GLIMMER on your hand and then by lightly tapping, apply on the highest part of your cheekbones. The gold pearl will add glitter to your face and allow you to look great at parties. It will also bring watering clearness to your skin.

3. How to achieve the perfect red lips and be the heroine

Before applying the lipstick, coat the outline of your lips using powdery foundation and then apply the Lady Red from PURE SHINE LIPS using a lip brush. The powdery foundation will help prevent lipstick from bleeding and make your beautiful lips last long!

4. How to achieve beautiful beige colored lips

Some of you may have dark-colored lips and have problems bringing out the best of the color beige. Make sure to lightly tap on powdery foundation first. This will control the color of your lips and thus present the exact color of the lipstick.

5. How to turn rough and chapped lips into attractive lips

Apply layers of VITAMIN LIP and cover with wrap film for 10 minutes. Your lips will become smooth again! Try this in the bathtub for better results.

6. How to plump up your lips

After wearing lipstick, apply a thick layer of the transparent GLOSS VIBRANTE G1 to the center of both upper and lower lips. The gloss will gather light and make your lips look plump.

7. How to add femininity to rich eye makeup

If you’re going for a cool look, use the usual black. If you want to add femininity, use purple eyeliner (EVER LINER FOR EYES VI60) or mascara (WIDE EYES MASCARA ROSE or VIOLET). It will accentuate the eyes fully while the red contained in the purple will add femininity and sexiness.

8. How to prevent eye makeup from smearing

Always carry the FUTURE DIFFERENCE EYE CREAM and few cotton swabs in your makeup bag in order to remove the smeared eye makeup using the eye cream placed on a cotton swab before reapplying. The eye cream prevents small wrinkles caused by dry indoors during the winter.

9. How to achieve glamorous cheeks

When applying blush, mix 2 colors such as pale pink and pale orange. This will allow the blush to blend in better with your skin, as well as surprisingly bring out the colors even more beautifully and glamorously. Any color of the BLUSH VIBRANTE series is perfect for this technique.

10. How to maintain beautiful skin without smeared makeup and shiny skin

After applying liquid foundation and before using powder, apply the GROOVY SMOOVY oil blotting powder mainly to the T-zone. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about photographs taken of you with an embarrassingly shiny face.


1. The invincible soft matte skin for the office

Apply liquid foundation and then layer powder foundation instead of powder to achieve perfection. Starting at the center of your cheeks, apply the foundation mainly to the center of your face and outward. Tap when applying so as not to ruin the coat of liquid foundation underneath.

2. Furthermore, achieve perfect skin by minimizing your pores

Add the BLEMISH SHOOT PORE TREATMENT GEL to your skincare. If the pores are still open, use the PORE SMOOTHER to conceal the pores.

3. Competent woman knows her UV care

If you're scheduled for appointments outside the office, switch your base makeup to the TRUE WHITE DAY PROTECTOR. This product protects your skin from harmful UV rays, makes your skin look great and allows smoother application of foundation.

4. Mascara techniques for intelligent-looking eyes

If you want to look intelligent, apply less pressure when using an eyelash curler and allow your eyelashes to curl gradually upward starting at the roots. After curling your eyelashes evenly, apply mascara layers at the tail of the eye and accentuate outwards. Long and narrow eyes can give you a cool and intelligent look.

5. Techniques for lower eyelids to become the ideal woman

Applying pale beige, white or yellow can make your eye bags look puffy and eyes bigger. With pink, femininity will be added. Also, applying a pale color starting from one-third of the lower eyelid and moving diagonally upward, your eyes will look slightly slanted and give you the intelligent look. If you use a darker color instead, your eyes will look droopy. This technique is not too flashy and can be tried for work.

6. Lipstick colors for the office that give favorable impressions

PK2, PK3, RS2 of PURE SHINE LIPS are recommended. Apply plenty of these lipsticks that are proper for office and also very charming. On days you feel tired and look a bit pale, try the orange OR1 or OR2 that will help you look more energetic.

7. How not to carry over fatigue from the day before

You have bags under your eyes from working overtime the night before… At times like this, the DARK CIRCLES GONE EYE MASK works great. By using this in the morning, the bags will be de-puffed. If that is not enough, hide them using a concealer to make a good impression.

8. Cool and dignified eyeliner for the presentation

After applying a black eyeliner (EVER LINER FOR EYES BK99) to the lash line of the upper eyelid, line another layer on top with a blue eyeliner (BL 81). By layering black and blue, the resulting navy nuance gives a clean and fresh look, as well as an intelligent impression. Also, using blue around the eyes can make the white part of the eyes look white and clean.

9. How to maintain a fresh look at the office

Freshen up by rehydrating your skin with ENERGY WATER! Spray towards 20 to 30 cm above your forehead and allow the mist to fall on your face. This way, the makeup will not be ruined since it's not sprayed directly to the face.

10. How to pass an interview!?

There are many techniques that give good impressions, but the most important one is for the cheeks. Apply lightly the coral BLUSH VIBRANTE B4, which blends well with skin and also gives color, from the center of the cheeks outward along the cheekbones.
credit : ZA COSMETIC

with love ,
nur farah irwani 

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