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May 18, 2013 12:04 PM

Hi, Assalamualaikum. How are you? Hopefully you all in a good condition of health. So this post are dedicated to my friends. Before this, Faa tak pernah rasanya nak update pasal diorang. Faa asyik update pasal sakit hati lah itu lah ini lah. So this is the perfect time to update about them. And this post will full with pictures.

For me, definition of friend is ;

Friends are the people closest to us. Friends are also always at our side either during we in a difficult situation and not only in a happy situation. They always help us when we have problems.They also became our secret savers and a good listener. A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity.

and yeah, lets start my story telling here xP

First, my only adopt sistahhh ; AdekLinda Syazana

Hm we have been like a family seen 11/2/2011. this year exactly two years she's being my lil sis. Shes always make me happy even im sad and not in a good mood.And i love her so much :3 lol. haha Dia ni sangat memahami dan sangat gila orangnya. Em kalau hang pun Faa akan ajak dia. Apa yang berlaku dekat Faa semua Faa cerita dekat dia. :)

second, she is Sheera. Faa kenal dia dari Form one lagi. Ingat dulu, masa kiteorang tak berkawan lagi, dia jalan sebelah Faa cakap ' Kau jangan nak bajet sangat, then dia gelak' HAHA LOL. starts from this, kiteorang mula rapat until now. So dah 4 tahun berkawan. Dia ni pendengar yang baik :3 Kalau nak buat kerja gila-gila or hang pun Faa akan selalu ajak dia sebab dia ni open minded. hewhew perangai dia pun gila-gila kan. memang kamcing lah kan :) 

okay, ni classmates Faa. Faa suka dengan classmates Faa tahun ni baik lelaki or perempuan. Baik India or Cina. Diorang memang sporting nak mati. haha lol. And they really understand me well. Tapi yang Faa paling rapat dengan Najihah , Sheera, Madihah. 

and yeah, last but not least. she is Farena. Act dah kenal lama tapi kiteorang baru je rapat since last year, Faa ajak dia datang rumah masa raya. start from here kiteorang rapat. Dia satu taman dengan faa. Dia ni pun sama macam Faa, terlalu banyak masalah. haha complicated lah itu lah ini lah. wtv it is, I love her :)

and yeah, Faa rasa tu je kot? 

Hm, hopefully our friendship ni akan kekal selamanya. Even nanti kita sambung belajar berlainan Universiti, kita still berhubung. Baby Shera? remember apa kita punya matlamat kan? so, jangan pernah lupakan aku and you too Farena and Linda. Whatever happen between us one day nanti, we still can be best friend. And yeah,The reason why I love them bcos they always by my side, caring about me, they really understand me well and yeah ofc they are my friend. okay, thats all. will update another post soon. byeeeee takecare xxxx

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