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June 17, 2013 9:27 PM

I want my 'Freedom'
You treat me like dirt.

You crushed my dreams by your mean talk
You squeezed my heart with your nasty hands.

You say I don't deserve to live
You say I'm just a waste of space.

You kicked me to hell
Still I rose back from the ashes like the phoenix.

You were wrong
There is a side that you do not know about me.

My story is special
I was born to love the broken ones.

Try to erase and rewrite my fate
But you can't stop my destiny.

The more you hate me, the more I'll love you
The more you ignore me, the more I'll care for you.

You are living to regret
While I regret to live my life.

Now I have gotten my 'Freedom'
I'm free from the cage of pain and hatred.

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