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Ketua Pelajar 2014
March 16, 2014 3:26 PM

Assalamualaikum, Its been a long time im not updating my blog as I am busy preparing for my first monthly test where it is important for me. Eventhough it is only monthly test, but i have to achieve my goals. Okay, so this post is dedicated to all ketua pelajar seMSe.

Actually, all the picture below were taken for the preparation of watikah pelantikan ketua pelajar 2014 which was held on the second week of febuary (sorry i couldn't remember the date!). Btw, i want to apologise for the quality of the video. We didn't expect this thing happen. Me, atiqah hashim and the other form 5's prefects were actually planning to make the video on that day, but we couldnt do it as we wanted bcs Pn. Razidah didnt allow us to do so.

I am so happy to be apart of ketua pelajar. The last time im being a kp is when i was in primary school. Thank you to Pn. Normah for giving me the opportunity to be a part of kp in this year. Even its only a year but I do enjoy myself being a kp! A great cooperation from all the kp really help me to be a good and dedication prefect. A big thanks also to all the kp's teachers bcs always give me advice and guide me how to be a good prefect.

I know, it's not easy to be a prefect as I will always have so many task that need to be done.I still remember what did ayahanda said to us, 'being a prefect is not easy and won't be easy. You would have enemy between your friends as u will report all the mistakes that they have done. You need to manage your time wisely bcs now you are in form 5. And the most important thing, you have to get an outstanding marks in each subjects. We need prefect to help the teachers to look after the students." That wise words from ayahanda would always bear in my mind. To all Kp you can take your picture here :)

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